Our targets are based on wanting to do the best to support your growth, as partners, not consultants.

The difference means that we are committed to your success, through highs and lows as well as mutual transparency to build trust right alongside success.

We are a positive bunch and that company-wide outlook carries through to our work.


12 of us, both in-house and freelance, hailing from 10 cities, currently help 15+ clients to get the most from their products, events and services.

Principles are something we ARE, not something we DO

1.Genuine results – We’re a results-driven marketing agency that believes that every business should be able to see a return on their marketing spend. That means we focus on actual sales more than vanity metrics and ROI more than likes, shares, and followers. We are constantly strategizing on how to do better, do more with less, and get even more results for our clients.

2.Care - We care about our clients, we care about their businesses, wecare about our colleagues and the culture of our company. We value clientsatisfaction above all and often go above and beyond to ensure they’re satisfied.

3.Comradeship – Marketing a business can often feel like an uphill climb. When our clients invest in us, they aren’t just hiring an ordinary marketing agency. One of our key principles is comradeship as we are with our clients in battle, and support them every step of the way. Their wins are our wins, and we share in both the successes and failures. We work alongside them more as partners than consultants, genuinely caring for all aspects of the business – even those that we don’t directly influence.

4.No Bullshit – Marketing can often be full of confusing terms, ROI, CPM, CPS, LTV. At Drip Drop we try to make everything as simple as possible, getting to the heart of each matter and dropping the confusing acronyms where possible! Moreover, our no-bullshit approach carries overto the way we communicate with each other and with clients. We don’t believe in fluff, we’re honest and we don’t sugar-coat when there’s a problem (to both our clients and ourselves).

5.Support - We’re more than just a marketing agency. We’re unique inthe fact that we provide training and support to our clients outside of the work we do. We know that marketing is a very small part of the overall formula for business success, that’s why we provide training and support for marketing, positioning, and operational strategy for our clients. Moreover, we’re always looking for ways to further support our clients in everything we do.

6.Transparency - We’re open, honest, and transparent to each other and our clients. Everyone mistakes, and at Drip Drop we’re always trying to improve. We understand that everyone (and every business) is a work in progress, but we demand transparency from both our clients and ourselves to preserve the trust we have. Having a bad week? Just let someone know. Can’t pay your invoice? Drop us a message. Trust is ultimately built on transparency, and we value honesty above all.

7.Respect – Respect is far-reaching and touches almost everything wedo. We respect our clients, we respect our colleagues, and we respect ourselves. By respecting the work, we do, and the relationships we’ve built, and the way we talk to each other. This means in every conversationwe have we’re courteous, polite, and respectful of each other. Mindful to other people’s point of view, and respectful to everyone’s opinion.

8.Be the best – At the agency, we never like to rest on our laurels. That means pushing ourselves in every area we can. Striving not for perfection but constant improvement, every campaign could do better, costs can always be brought down, customers can always be better served. For our clients, this means we approach every campaign like it’s our first (or our last!). Internally, this means we’re always looking to learn,grow, improve, and upskill. Pushing to be the world's best at everything we do.

9.Committed – Not every campaign gets off to the best start, not all work is an instant thumbs-up, every week can’t be the best week. Here at Drip Drop, we don’t promise instantaneous results, but we do promise we’ll stay committed to the goal. For our staff, this means a commitment to the company and the task at hand, for our clients this means we stay committed to the result we promised.

10.Positive attitude – Here at Drip Drop, we see every so-called upsetting situation as an opportunity for growth, and every moment a lesson in disguise. We don’t mire ourselves or assign blame on what went wrong, as we know that every situation brought us to exactly where we are now. Internally, this means we don’t get too hung up or identify too much with the results we create. For clients, this means we are always able to guide and illuminate the learnings in every situation. Having a positive attitude also supports our core principle of being transparent, as we can take honest feedback (from both clients and staff) without personal offence. Instead, we are thankful for the learnings we can gather.